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Milling machine – how to make

angle plates
An eccentric strap
Dovetails, slides etc – links
the difference between T-slots and dovetails
T-slots – links
Hirth coupling
expansion  link
Drilling on the milling machine
coordinate drilling
drilling holes in a circle
fitting a quill to a milling machine

milling thin walled workpieces

connecting/coupling rods
a pattern for a spoked wheel

large, flat surfaces

threads by helical milling

Higbee threads

silver box


end rounding


concave – links

Spherical surfaces



face gears

spur gears

spur gears using a dividing head

spur gears using a dividing head – step by step  

large spur gears using a rotary table

spur gears made by hobbing



bevel gears

Helical gears – links

on a horizontal milling machine

on a vertical milling machine

on a milling machine by rotary copying

on a vertical milling machine by hobbing

Formulae for gears

Computing gear trains

Brocot’s method

using hobnail

flexible beam couplers

flutes on a conical surface

flutes on a round surface

tapered reamer

keyways on conical surfaces


round surfaces

linear surfaces


cams using a dividing head

cams, heart-shaped, a using rotary table

cutting grooves inside a cylinder

smoke box saddle

turbine wheels using two rotary tables

turbine wheels using a rotary table and dividing head

slotting screw heads

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