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“Tools” – measuring, aligning and centering

This page covers tools that are necessary not only for measuring but for aligning and centering. tools covered are:

Measuring lengths


contraction rules

micrometers and optical parallels

flute micrometers

height gauges

depth gauge

digital caliper

DTI’s, inductive sensors, stands etc – links


inductive sensors

comparator stands for DTI’s and inductive sensors

slip gauges and accessories

toolmaker’s buttons

toolmakers buttons – type 2

sodium light source

optical flats and optical parallels

go no go gauge

straight edge

surface plate

Measuring angles

cylindrical squares

cylindrical square

making a cylindrical square

using a cylindrical square for testing right angles


Square clamp


slip gauges and sine bars

Angle Dekkor


Measuring the diameters of holes


plug gauges
taper gauges
telescopic gauges
internal micrometers
bore gauges

Optical matters


microscopes – introduction

metallurgical microscopes

centering microscope

binocular microscope

Alignment telescopes and autocollimators

optical flats and parallels

monochromatic lighting source

measuring weights



angle plates

gear tooth calipers

surface finish

aligning/centering tools

edge finding

cigarette paper


centering microscopes


aligning axes


dti on dovetailed arm

  1. Jenny Northing said:

    My late husband was a collector/hoarder of all things, particularly of old tools. I have a vast number of items I don’t even know the name of, one of which is, I am told, is an indexer(I do have photos). Have you any idea how I can sell these items? Ebay doesn’t seem specialist enough.

    • Most of my tools have been acquired via ebay. I have two indexing chucks both of which were acquired on ebay.
      Ebay has the great advantages that it is the largest possible market, ie the most number of people, who might be interested and the price is solely determined by the demand. Any dealer will need to make a large profit to cover his costs. Selling on homeworkshop really needs you to quote a price.
      If it is metalworking stuff put it under “metalworking”. So long as people can see what it is and the condition it is in. ie lots of photos, you can start at 99p and the market will determine the price.
      john f

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