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Drilling links

Drilling – introduction

machines that can be used for drilling

hand held drills

pillar drill

workholding on the pillar drill


cross drilling on the lathe

milling machine

Cross drilling on a milling machine

types of drills

jobbers drill

blacksmith’s drills

core drill

gun drill
micro drills

masonry drills

Drilling – workholding


vices and cross vices

jigs for drilling

design and construction of jigs for drilling

drill bushes

cross drilling jig

for use on pillar drill/milling machine

for use on the lathe

collet blocks

angle plate

indexing chuck

rotary table

Drilling problems

drilling very long holes

drilling very small holes

drilling holes at precise locations

rectangular coordinates

holes in a circle

quill drilling on a milling machine without a quill feed
cross drilling


chain drilling

trepanning – links

measuring the size of holes

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