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A process is the means whereby a workpiece is made. There are essentially three classes of process. The first is where the starting point is a piece of metal. Some of this is removed in order to get towards the required part. This includes most common machining processes such as turning and milling but also where one piece of metal is separated into two parts. The second class is where one piece of metal is added to. The third class is where the piece of metal does not really change in volume but changes in it shape.

Removing metal from the starting piece

removing metal by hand



drilling – links 1

turning and the lathe

capstan techniques for the model engineer  

Milling and the milling machine

grinding – links

tool and cutter grinding



Separating one part into two pieces

separating two parts of a piece of metal

Adding metal to an existing piece

joining two pieces of metal

Changing the shape of an existing piece of metal






processes changing an existing metal part but not its shape

affecting the whole part

affecting the surface only

engine turning

measuring, alignment etc

tools for measuring

measuring problems – links

Pages relating to, alignment , centering  etc

computing gear trains

Hobnail – software for computing gear trains

notes on using Hobnail 

 Brocot’s method
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