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Drilling – links 1

Drilling is essentially about making holes in material by removing the material from what is going to be the hole. Because of the very nature of the way drills work holes are overwhelmingly round.

Drilling can be done by hand but, for the model engineer almost all holes that are drilled will be done mainly on machines designed specifically for drilling holes. But holes can be made on other machines, in particular, the lathe and the milling machine.

This section covers making holes with machines designed for making holes.

see drilling machines

For other ways of making holes see:

see drilling on the lathe

see drilling on the milling machine

When a machine is used for drilling the actual bit that cuts the hole is a drill bit. There are numerous types of drill bit.

see drill bits – links

It is also possible to make holes by removing just a ring of material. Only those ways of doing this on a drilling machine are covered in this section.

see other ways of making holes on a drilling machine






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