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“Problems” – aligning and centering – links

Centering is where the axes of two round workpieces or tools are moved so that both lie in the same plane.

Aligning is where a line is moved so it is parallel to plane or where two planes are moved so they are parallel to each other. In these cases the angle between the identities is zero. But it is also possible for alignment to involve any other angle.

Aligning etc the milling machine

Aligning the vertical head to be at right angles to the milling table – tramming
Aligning the milling table so it is square
finding the axis of rotation of a swivelling milling table
Edge finding
Alignment of fences
Problems – Aligning vices – links

Checking the fixed jaw is vertical

checking the top of a jaw is horizontal

Setting a vice at any angle to the milling table

setting the angle on a tilting vice

Aligning a workpiece in a vice

setting the diameter on a boring head
alignment when using a rotary table – links

setting to zero and setting the rotary square to the milling table

centering a horizontal rotary table

centering a vertical rotary table

Aligning the rotary table (horizontal) with the spindle

Aligning a horizontal round workpiece with the vertical spindle

Aligning an internal or external round shape on a rotary table

aligning a three jaw chuck on a rotary table

centering a bar so it is symmetrical on the rotary table

Alignment of the dividing head

setting the axis of the spindle parallel to the table

aligning the axis of the workpiece with the spindle

setting the axis of the spindle in the vertical plane

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