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Square clamp

When aligning a workpiece or workholding device on the milling table, this can often involve using a square that is held against the back of the milling table.

An example of this is shown:

510 aligning four jaw chuck

510 aligning four jaw chuck

fig aligning a four jaw chuck fixture

In this case, there are three movable bits, the chuck, the angle plate and the square which is right at the bottom of the photo.

One way of making this easier is to make a clamp that holds the square in position. A clamp was made that uses the T-slots to hold the clamp. The clamp then has a cap screw that holds the square against the table.

In order not to bend the square, the pressure applied to it is where it is over the milling table, not over the t-slot. Secondly the cap screw is fitted with a bronze plug.

5053 square clamp

5053 square clamp

fig the square clamp

5054 square clamp in use

5054 square clamp in use


fig the square clamp in use

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