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Milling – tool holders – for vertical milling – Autolock chuck center

All Autolock chuck have a small center at the bottom of them. This fits the female center on the cutter. This center is not a part of the body of the chuck but is a small piece that fits into a taper at the bottom of the chuck.

fig Autolock center

It is possible for the point on this center to become damaged.  If this happens it is possible to remove it by means of a punch since there is a hole through the shank of the chuck.

There are then three possibilities:

It is possible to buy new ones on eBay, These are usually about the same price as a whole chuck.

It it possible to fit the center in a parallel  sleeve with a 1 Morse taper in, center it in a four jaw chuck and recut it using a carbide cutter. It could also be held in a series of tapered sleeves and fit it into the spindle.

fig recut center

It is possible to make a new one out of an old drill. The taper is a 1 Morse taper at the wide end. If a drill bit with a 1 Morse taper has the drill bit cut off it is possible to turn his to shape with a carbide cutter then the part of the taper not needed is ground off.

fig drill with a ! Morse taper showing the part needed

fig center made from drill bit



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