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Milling machine – workholding – two rotary tables

Where the first rotary table is horizontal

There are at least two completely different ways two rotary tables can be used on a milling machine. Suppose the first is mounted horizontally on the milling table the the second can be mounted, horizontally on top of the first. Secondly, the second rotary table could be mounted vertically on the first.

An example of two rotary tables where both are mounted horizontally is shown under “milling machines – how to make – turbine wheels (1)”

The problem with one rotary table horizontally with another vertically is that on most small milling machines there will not be sufficient height for this to work. However the same sort of result can be achieved by mounting a dividing head on the rotary table.


Where the first rotary table is vertical

This seems to have the same as the above except it is the other way round.

If the first is vertical and the second is “horizontal”, ie at right angles to the first, then this might fit.

If the first is horizontal and the second is fitted onto it but so that, it too, is vertical, then there could be height problems. Even more problematic is thinking what could be usefully done with it.

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