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Workholding – the dividing head – links


dividing the circle

holding the workpiece

three or four jaw chucks

 the LeCount mandrel

Helical milling – links


helix angles, leads, and the diameter of the workpiece

helical milling on a horizontal milling machine

helical milling on a vertical milling machine

producing shorter leads

helical milling by rotary copying

  1. JOHN SCHENA said:

    John I have the same big green dividing head and have some backlash in the dividing plate handle is there a way you know of to adjust this.

    • johnf said:

      On professional dividing heads the shaft from the division plate is usually fitted on a cylinder eccentrically as this rotates the distance between this shaft and the main spindle changes.. This allows the user to adjust the backlash. It is also used to disengage the two shafts completely.
      Supposing you dont have this backlash can be overcome as follows. after each step manually push the chuck one way as far as it will go then lock it.

      john f

      • JOHN SCHENA said:

        What steps do you mean about pushing the chuck I am new to this and really old 73 so I may not be as smart as you. Plus I like pictures with instructions. The large sliding or rotating lever is the one that locks the spindle in or out of gear. So how does that allow me to adjust. I appreciate your help. I have no problem with it as long as I go in one direction as soon as I go the opposite way is when I have about quarter inch backlash.

      • johnf said:

        You have actually said it yourself. If you only go one way and for each tooth (ie gap) you push the chuck always the same way to take up the backlash and then lock before cutting.

      • JOHN SCHENA said:

        Ok got you now ,yes it does work as you said. thanks for clearing it up for me. I had taken it mostly apart when I got it because it would not move at all.It was caked up with old oil but after cleaning it turned easily and seemed to operate correctly. Must have been setting for years.
        Thanks again was glad to have found your site.

      • johnf said:

        1/4 of an inch of backlash is hopeless sounds like the shaft with the worm is not engaging the wormwheel on the main shaft. This is shown on one of my pages. Can you completely disengage the gears?

      • johnf said:

        This is all on page “Dividing head introduction” under engagement of worm and wormwheel.
        john f

  2. JOHN SCHENA said:

    Followed your instructions and got the little bit of backlash out ,thanks for the help.

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