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Milling machine – workholding – boxes

On larger milling machines a useful device is the box. This is a box made from cast iron. It only has five sides. The bottom is missing. The sides usually have slots for clamping the box to the milling table. The top usually has T-slots for holding the workpiece or other workholding devices.

The box can be used so the t-slots are either on top or on the side. If it is on the side then the box is really just performing the role of an angle plate.

2026 a box

2026 a box

fig typical box

fig box in use

Simulating a box

A box can be simulated by using two angle plates as shown

fig simulating a box using angle plates

Doing this does not give t-slots on the top surface.

A tilting table with the top surface horizontal also makes the equivalent of a box

770 vert head horizontal with horizontal arbor

770 tilting table being used as a box

fig titling table being used as a box

This gives t-slots on the top surface.

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