1. Len Hopcroft said:

    Hi John,
    I need to cut 3 gears 1- 63 teeth, 1-81 Teeth, 1-92 Teeth.
    I have a vertical mill with a semi universal dividing head with 3 index plates with holes 15 to 49.
    I need to know if I can cut these gears with this type of dividing head?
    I am not very good at maths and would appreciate if you could help with dividing the circles for these gears

    • johnf said:

      you/i need to know the ratio on the worm – probaly 40 or 60 to 1
      how many turns of the handle does it take to rotate the main spindle once

    • johnf said:

      I thought I had replied to this but perhaps not. The first thingt I need to know
      is how many times do you have the do a complete turn of the handle to make the mainshaft/chuck turn by one whole revolution. It is probably 40 or 60. nothing can be done till this is known.
      john f

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