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Sometimes a cutter on the lathe might involve a long sequence of “toolholding” devices. The terms used here will be:

top slide

toolpost stud


toolholder 1

toolholder 2

cutting tool ie piece of HSS or carbide insert

Tooling mounted on the topslide

The most common place for any tool to be mounted is on the top slide. The topslide often has a wide t-slot in it.

The simplest tool holding system is what, in England, is  referred to as the American toolpost

fig American toolpost

All other systems using the topslide use the t-slot in the topslide to hold an upright stud.

This is used to hold the toolpost. There are several types of toolpost.

 toolpost that is also the toolholder

four way toolpost


quick change toolpost and toolholders

Any of these types of tool holding systems can then be used to hold the tools such as:

turning tools

boring tools




Tooling used on the cross slide

rear toolpost

Gibraltar toolholder

improved four way quick change

ball turning attachment

Tooling used on a cutoff slide

On small lathes there is either a saddle or a cutoff slide. The cutoff slide is usually found on capstan lathes. Consequently it is covered under lathes fitted with a capstan though in this case there is actually a saddle.

Tooling used in the tailstock

drill chuck




die holder

Tooling held in the spindle

drill chucks

drills with morse tapers


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