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My tool and cutter grinder has been made out of odd bits of material as they were needed.

There are three main parts:

there is the grinding wheel, drive and support,


The grinding wheel/motor part is an old tailstock grinder. The height adjusting screw is from the vertical feed off a Harrison milling machined. The guard is the bottom of a saucepan.

the workpiece holding system,


This is simply a table fitted with a T-slot arranged so it can be moved left/right by means the the handle seen on the right. This fits on a block with another dovetail so the table can be moved in/out. This is all done using straight forward dovetails. But there is an extra dovetail underneath underneath the table on the left. This can be clamped to the table and it is then possible to move the table left/right by small amounts very accurately.

The table is fitted with stops so its movement can be stopped accurately in both the x and y directions.


fig removable x direction stop

these two are both mounted on a base that is simply an old surface plate.

Additional equipment

Harold Hall type rests


fig tool and cutter grinder with adapter equivalent to Harold Hall rest.

Using the tool and cutter grinder

The above system is equivalent to Harold Hall’s rest. The cutters this works with are typically end mills etc. The cutter fits in a holder that then lies on the small table with two slots in it. The holder is held against the fence on the left and is pushed forwards till it touches a screw on the far end on the right hand side of the fence.


fig cutter holder

Adapter for sharpening slitting saws etc


to grind a slitting saw the grinding wheel should be the saucer shape and the cutter needs to be the other way up.

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